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Building Partnerships

Posted on 19 November, 2018 at 17:35 Comments comments (1)

Gemini Facility Services are happy to work in partnership with other likeminded companies who pride themselves in delivering top quality services throughout the region. We recently worked alongside our good friends at GSI Cleaning Services to produce some outstanding results at a site in Bundaberg:

Car Park Cleaning Services

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It is said that first impressions count and in my experience this is certainly very true. If the client car park at your work premises is looking tired and unloved it may well give the wrong impression about your business.

At Gemini Facilty Services we offer a full range of external cleaning services that include the following:


  • Litter Picking
  • Car Park Sweeping
  • Weed Removal
  • High Pressure Washing
  • Graffiti Removal 
  • High Level Cleaning of Windows, Cladding & Signage
  • Chewing Gum Removal
  • Waste Removal

We can undertake one-off  and regular cleaning services that suit both your requirements and budget. All work can be undertaken out of trading hours to avoid causing unnecessary inconvenience to you or your clients. If these services are of interest to you, please contact us for more details.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Over the weekend we undertook an out of hours clean of the carpets throughout a shopping arcade in Gympie. We used bonnet pads in tandem with a carpet shampoo with encapsulating technology and fabric protector, specially developed to provide very satisfactory cleaning performance, particularly on greasy and heavily stained carpets.

For more information concerning this or any other of our services please contact Tony Dunn on 0432 539 502 or email [email protected]

Office Cleaning

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Millions of working days are lost due to self-reported illness every year in the Australia. Yes, there are lots of different health conditions which can affect employees. And yes, there are plenty of “sickies” pulled after heavy nights. But many of these absences will have been caused by contagious coughs, colds, sniffles, flus and stomach bugs which were picked up in the workplace itself.

Working in close contact with lots of different people exposes us to all sorts of germs every day. Most of these will be harmless, but every now and again your colleague will have been close to someone poorly on the train, or your office manager’s daughter will have picked up a nasty cold at school. Before you know it, your entire office are going down like flies…

We all know that hand washing is one of the very best ways to avoid picking up and passing on germs. Equipping employees with hand sanitiser, placing antibacterial soap by all sinks and encouraging regular hand washing will make a big difference to reducing germs and nasties in your workplace, but there are other places germs loiter and linger in office spaces – just waiting to take down your team…

Here are three of the worst offenders: 

1) Telephones

When the phone rings, you answer it – there’s no time to think about hand washing. This makes office phones one of the most widely handled pieces of communal equipment in your workplace. Regularly cleaning handsets with an antibacterial wipe will help you avoid transferring germs via your office phones. 

2) Keyboards

In most workplaces, employees stick to their own keyboard but in more flexible spaces, shared keyboards can accrue lots of nasty germs. That’s because they’re in contact with our hands almost all day; immediately after we’ve taken the morning commute, when we’re eating our lunch – you name it. Just take a peek at your keyboard, if it’s completely fluff and crumb free – we’ll eat our hats.

A regular antibacterial wipe down will help get rid of any germs loitering in your keyboard, but a monthly clean out of this piece of kit will make the world of difference. It’ll help your workplace look more professional too.

Read our step-by-step guide on how to clean a computer keyboard (properly) to learn more and take care of yours now. Using a laptop instead? We’ve got you covered – we’ve written a guide for cleaning laptop keyboards, too.

3) Chair arms

You may not have considered just how often your hands come into contact with chair arms – especially those found on shared pieces of furniture. From meetings to lunch breaks, these seemingly innocuous office essentials can come into contact with all manner of germs over the course of just one day, making a regular wipe down very important part of tackling workplace germs.

Regular, thorough cleaning services are one of the best ways to minimise germs in your office space. Talk to a company that truly understands “clean” to discuss your cleaning requirements. Contact us today on 0432 539 502 or email [email protected] to plan your cleaning schedule.

Mobile Deep Cleaning Service

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We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the launch of our new mobile deep cleaning service that is now operating in both South East & Central Queensland. 

We have recently invested in a custom-built trailer that now allows us to transport sufficient amounts of equipment to undertake a variety of tasks at sites throughout the region.

Our deep cleaning team can undertake the following:

 High reach window cleaning to include the cleaning of signage and cladding

 Hard floor restoration of vinyl, ceramic and stone flooring

 Builders cleaning

 Carpet cleaning using the encapsulation process

 High pressure washing of car parks, loading docks and other external areas

 Hygiene cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen areas

 Detail cleaning

 Pre-launch cleaning

We are hoping that our clients will take full advantage of this new and flexible service. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

External Area Cleaning - Retail Sites

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As well as catering for the cleaning of internal areas of retail outlets, we at Gemini Facility Services offer a full range of services to help improve the look and cleanliness of the external areas. 

We clean signage, cladding and fascia boards using our pure water fed pole system, The equipment allows us to clean up to approximately 5 stories high without the use of ladders or expensive powered access equipment. For this reason, work efficiency is improved. The time we spend on site is reduced. This all add up to cost savings for our company and our clients.

We also undertake the cleaning of brickwork, car parks, loading docks and trolley bays removing grafitti, oil spills, tyre marks, chewing gum and other impacted dirt.

For more information concerning these services please do not hesitate to contact us 0432 539 502 or email [email protected]

Retail Cleaning

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The retail market can be tough place in which to succeed, with online competition impacting on people’s spending patterns and behaviour. Therefore the physical retail experience has to be a pleasant and positive one. Gemini Facility Services provide quality daily cleaning services to ensure that retail space is immaculately presented for your customers, enhancing their retail experience.

We have the capabilities, expertise and structure to provide routine and one off cleaning works for individual retail units, outlets, chains or indeed the whole mall or shopping centre, cleaning retail space, public areas, food courts and amenities, on behalf of individual store owners, landlords, Managing Agents or main contractors.

We’re here to help:

Please do get in touch – We look forward to discussing your Cleaning Needs in detail and to offering you our Professional, Reliable and Cost Effective Solution.

Electrical Safety

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Regular scheduled Testing and Tagging our electrical equipment is a key part of our risk management plan:

In almost all of our workplaces we use a wide variety of electrical equipment, whether it is a vacuum cleaner, a charger lead for an auto scrubber or the kettle in the office, we want the peace of mind that comes with knowing the equipment that we use is safe! Not only are we keeping our workforce safe, but we are prolonging the life of valuable and often expensive appliances and equipment. We also assure compliance with important government business safety regulations.

Here are four excellent reasons why testing and tagging our electrical equipment is at the top of our safety to-do list.

1. Help to identify potential electrical hazards
2. Stay up-to-date with our Safety Plan
3. Manage replacements efficiently
4. Ensure personal and equipment safety

Testing and tagging go hand in hand as the best way to make sure that our work sites are safe for everyone. It also helps us to identify any issues with equipment which then can be either resolved or removed early on.

Medical Centre Cleaning

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What Does a Medical Centre Cleaning Service Cover?

Our medical centre cleaning service is tailored around the specific needs and requirements of our clients, with specialist cleaning provisions available too. A standard service will cover the following:


Waiting rooms

Toilet and washrooms


Treatment rooms

Windows and doors

Medical Centres:

If you own or run a medical centre then hygiene must be at the top of your housekeeping priority list. Prevention is just as good, if not better, than the cure; so it is extremely important to keep surfaces clean and free of harmful bacteria and infections such as MRSA.


Dental Practices:

We at Gemini Facility Services have extensive experience dealing with high-tech equipment and controlling cross contamination in dental practices. It is important to maintain a bright and friendly atmosphere for your patients and provide a spotless dental practice for them to feel comfortable frequenting.


Veterinary Practises:

Bringing together a collection of sick animals to one place significantly increases the chances of cross infection and disease spreading. As a vet you will understand the importance of an effective disinfection regime and preventing the spread of micro-organisms. Our highly qualified team will create and maintain a clean and safe environment for both your staff members and your little furry friends.


Get in touch today for more information or obtain a quick quote by filling out our online form

Problems with Cleaning? - We Can Provide the Solution

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Gemini Facility Services provide contract cleaning services in the Central Queensland Region and have skilled cleaning operatives at various locations from the Sunshine Coast up to Mackay. We have a very flexible approach and are equally happy operating as a sub-contractor or main contractor.

Our biggest asset is our cleaning team. They are fully qualified, trained and insured, and will clean your premises efficiently, thoroughly and professionally. They arrive on time, use high quality cleaning products and follow a systematic approach to clean your building flawlessly. 

We invest in the latest and the best cleaning equipment to make sure you receive the best service at all times. Our cleaners are regularly trained to ensure they keep up with the latest techniques and health and safety regulations in the contract cleaning industry.

At Gemini, our customers are our priority. Right from the moment they initial contact us to the moment the job has been completed, we aim to impress with our professional approach, friendly service and expert advice

With many years of experience, we understand how important a clean and tidy site is for your employees and for your business. We will customise our service to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

We are excited to know more about your requirements, please complete the contact form found here: